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The Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy needs your support to keep making a difference in terms of conservation and community development. How can you help?

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    Contact for more on current needs of the various projects.  Here are some options:

    • Youth development: Can you assist with skills training or job shadow opportunities?
    • Craft workshops:  We’ll welcome any sewing equipment such as scissors, needles, thread, fabric, wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric paint and paintbrushes.
    • Training: We’d love it if you could host some craft workshops as part of our ongoing community or youth holiday programmes.
    • Gear and/or equipment for development MTB trail maintenance crew:  Apart from a trustworthy mountain bike with helmet, our two youth development trail maintenance crew members need the following equipment:  hand clippers, folding saw, pocket chainsaw, hatchet, machete, folding shovel and first aid kit.  Most growth maintenance is done with a brush cutter, secateurs, loppers or a hedge trimmer.  Repairs to the trails are done with picks, spades and hoes.
    • Sponsor a single track: We invite you to sponsor a section of our single track.  Funds will go towards job creation through trail maintenance by local youths.