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About the trails

Bottelary Hills MTB Trails were opened by the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy (BHRC) in April 2011. The trails formalise riding in the area and serve as a much needed source of funds to further conservation efforts.

BHRC encloses the Bottelary Hills situated near Stellenbosch, approximately 40km East of Cape Town, South Africa. The hills are home to endangered fauna and flora species. Concerned landowners, together with Cape Nature looked at various options to protect the remaining vegetation, rehabilitate sensitive areas and reintroduce species lost to the area. This lead to the eventual formation of the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy in 1991.

The unique terroir of the area lends itself to growing grapes of the highest quality. It’s no coincidence that BHRC is home to many well respected wine estates known for producing world class wines.

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Trail descriptions

All the trails are on private land with permission from landowners, as a result strict rules apply to ride the trails. The trails offer scenic beauty and incredible views of the Winelands, Table Mountain and False Bay.

The trails cover a total distance of 76km and appeal to riders of all capabilities. They are made up of one “Main Route” with various loops connected to it.

Red Route “Main Route” 

  • 25.7km with 734m of climbing
  • renosterveld jeeptrack and farm roads.
  • three singletrack sections 1.8km, 2km and 1.3km
  • moderate to challenging riding
  • lovely scenery and stunning views
  • a moderate 2.5km climb, later followed by a challenging 2km climb.

Yellow Loop

  • 6.5km with 147m of climbing
  • farm roads and 2.5km singletrack
  • easy to moderate riding
  • lovely scenery
  • From Devon Valley Road to start of the Yellow Loop is 800m.

Purple Loop

  • 9.2km with 243m of climbing
  • mostly farm roads through vineyards and renosterveld
  • easy to moderate riding
  • a challenging 1.3km climb
  • some technical downhill sections
  • From Middelvlei to start of the Purple Loop is 6.75km. Purple Loop distance is 9km. Exit back to Yellow Loop and complete Yellow to return to Middelvlei for a total ride distance of 22.4km.

Blue Loop

  • closed until further notice

Green Loop

  • 13km with 385m of climbing
  • renosterveld jeeptrack and farm roads
  • three singletrack sections (1.8km, 1.8km & 1.4km)
  • stunning views
  • a moderate 2.5km climb
  • From Hazendal to start of the Green Loop is 1.9 km, so total ride distance from Hazendal via Green Loop and back is 17km
  • From Zevenwacht to start of the Green Loop is 1.7km, so total ride distance from Zevenwacht via Green Loop and back is 16km

Orange Loop

  • 9.7 km with 166m of climbing
  • Ideal for beginners and the “not-so-fit”
  • jeeptrack and farm roads through vineyards
  • From The Only One restaurant to start of the Orange Loop is 1.5km. So total ride distance from The Only One via Orange Loop and back is 12.7km

 Trail Rules

  • Only annual or day permit holders are allowed access to the trails & bikeboards are to be displayed at all times.
  • Riding time is from Sunrise to Sunset, no night riding !
  • Access to the routes is only allowed via the official starting point entrances.
  • Do not stray off the marked routes.
  • A helmet must be worn at all times whilst riding.
  • No alterations are allowed to any trail or the riding area in general without explicit approval of the Bottelary Hills Conservancy Committee.
  • Riding alone is not advisable (in case of incapacitating accident). Carrying a mobile phone is recommended.
  • Do not tamper with plants or provoke any animals.
  • All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas. Vehicles are not allowed within the riding area.
  • No camping or making of fires allowed.
  • No pets allowed.

Safety: Be on the lookout for tractors and vehicles at all times as they have right of way. These are working farms you ride through, tractors pull heavy loads and take a long time to stop. Please steer clear for your own safety.

Riders breaking any of the above rules are liable to have their annual or day permit revoked. Permit fees will not be refunded.

Contact the Bottelary Hills Conservancy

Annual Permits

Annual permit (25th October 2014  – 31st December 2015) prices are listed below, valid until 31st December 2015.

  • Adults R500
  • Spouse of adult permit holder R400
  • Pensioners R250
  • Students R250
  • Under 18 yrs R250

How to obtain a Bottelary Hills MTB annual permit:

  1. Download an annual permit registration form here or obtain a form at one of the annual permit sales points listed below. Complete a separate form for each person, each person must sign the indemnity clause.
  2. Visit one of the annual permit sales points with cash or proof of EFT payment and collect your bikeboard.
  3. The bikeboard you receive upon payment serves as your annual permit.
    Please write the name and contact number of your next of kin
    (in case of emergency) on the back of the bikeboard.

Bikeboards must be displayed on the bike handlebars at all times whilst on the trails.

Individuals are responsible for their own safety and should not attempt to ride any of the trails if it is not within their capabilities or that of their equipment. Bottelary Hills Conservancy and the landowners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or death of any person on the trails. You will be required to sign indemnity when registering for an annual permit.

Annual permits can be purchased at the following sales points:


Download the annual permit registration form CLICK HERE.

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